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June 27, Meeting Results

At the June 27 meeting, the Central Election Commission (CEC) registered initiative group (composition: Zurab Toloraia, Kakhaber Nikabadze, Vakhtangi Aspanidze, Davit Kuchava, Teimuraz Ciskarishvili, Badri Jincharadze, Badri Kvirikashvili) and their submitted referendum questions:

  • “Do you agree if the Public Defender of Georgia is elected through universal, direct election?”
  • “Do you agree if the president of Georgia is elected through universal, direct election?”

Other questions submitted to the CEC by same the initiative group were refused registration, namely:

  • „Do you agree to ban agriculture land sales to foreign citizens?”
  • “Should the voter have the right to withdraw his / her elected official?"
  • “Do you agree if the unemployed citizen of Georgia is given compensation at the minimum wage before starting work?
  • “Do you agree if Georgia is neutral (non-aligned) country?”

The initiative group submitted an application to the referendum questions and on registration of the initiative group to the CEC on May 31, 2017. The formulation of referendum issues was specified at the 13 June session of the current year.

Today, the CEC adopted a number of regulations regarding the working relationship between the elected members of the CEC and the District Election Commission (DEC) members as well as defined the issues of incompatibility in the workplace and the provision of the selection committee for the staff of CEC of Georgia were approved; in addition, the Commission adopted ordinance based on which certain ordinances of the CEC were announced invalid.

At today’s meeting, amendments were made to the following ordinances of the CEC of Georgia:

„On approval of the regulation of the Central Election Commission of Georgia” (November 25, 2015  №54/2015), „on approval of the regulation of the District Election Commission of Georgia” (February 3, 2012, №2/2012) and „on approval of the regulation of the competition for the DEC membership” (March 2, 2012  №10/2012).

In addition, the commission members adopted ordinance – “establishing electoral districts and boundary delimitation for 2017 elections of Tbilisi local self-government body”, also ordinance-“concerning the establishment of electoral districts, borders, names and numbers for Elections of Local Self-Government Bodies 2017.

Today, the list of DECs established in more than one self-governing unit was defined.