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CEC Statement on Electing PEC Members

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia informs society and electoral stakeholders about the results of electing the members of Precinct Election Commissions (PEC) for the 2017 Municipal Elections.

It is highly important, that the process of electing the PEC members was open and transparent. Representatives of registered political parties, as well as observers and media were able to attend the commission sessions. Five local and one international observer organizations attended the sessions at the District Election Commissions (DEC).

During 2-4 September, 21 758 persons were elected by 73 DECs as the PEC members at 21 804 vacant positions announced at 3 634 PECs. It should be underlined that 46 positions remained vacant, which would enable the election administration to elect the PEC members on the basis of the re-announced contest.

It is important, that 17 978 (82% of the total number) out of 21 758 elected members were elected with higher quorum, more precisely, with nine and more votes. 123 members, comprising only 0.56% of total number, are elected with 7 votes - minimum quorum necessary to elect the PEC members. 

Only 32 DEC members appointed by authorized political parties (out of 949 in total, 3.37%) were not present at the sessions.

Out of the elected persons, 17 819 persons have experience of working as the PEC member and have at least once participated in four general elections conducted in previous years, which amounts to 82% of total number.

The rest of the elected PEC members (18%), namely the majority of them, have obtained electoral experience as the PEC member, or as an observer or representative at various elections held before 2012 and also participated in Election Administration’s educational programs.

It should be underlined that out of PEC members elected by DECs, 4 080 participated in “Courses of Election Administrator” and 193 young people graduated from the “Electoral Development School”.

The abovementioned clearly indicates, that the District Election Commissions considered the recommendations of the CEC while electing the PEC members.

It is noteworthy, that none of the decisions and relevant ordinances adopted by the DECs on electing the PEC members were appealed by authorized persons within the terms defined by the election legislation.

Detailed information and statistically processed data on electing the PEC members is available on CEC official web-site.

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