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Central Election Commission Defined the Sequence Numbers of Electoral Subjects

At today's meeting, the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia defined the sequence numbers of election subjects for the upcoming 2017 Municipal Elections within the first earliest possible time.

The CEC registered 30 election subjects, including 24 political parties, five election blocs and one initiative group. 15 election subjects participated in casting lots. The rest election subjects did not participate in the casting lots, since their sequence numbers have already been  determined according to the election legislation. The initiative group did not participate in casting lots as only one initiative group was registered by the CEC and sequence number was determined by the CEC based on the legislation. In accordance with the election legislation, majoritarian candidates nominated by political party and election bloc will have the same sequence numbers, which were assigned to their nominating election subjects.

In total, 27 sequence numbers were drawn to lot. Representatives of election subjects invited at the CEC session took out the sequence numbers from lottery box. It should be underlined, that the process of casting lots was transparent and all electoral stakeholders registered at the CEC, including observers and media were able to observe  the mentioned procedure.

According to the election legislation, sequence numbers of election subjects are defined no later than 30th days before the E-day. However, the CEC for the purpose of supporting the equal election environment and considering the recommendations of the non-governmental organization “Multinational Georgia”, implemented the casting lots and the process of assigning the sequence numbers within the possible earliest time defined by the legislation, once the deadline for requesting the sequence number by authorized political party/election bloc was over.

Also, today all procedures for registering the  election subjects by the District Election Commissions (DEC) have been completed. In order to ensure the equal election environment, DECs will implement the procedure of determining the sequence numbers for initiative groups in the earliest possible time, and not within the deadline defined by the legislation.

According to the results of casting lots, the following sequence numbers were assigned to 15 election subjects:

№4 - ‘’United Democratic Movement”

№9 - ‘’Left-Wing Alliance”

№11 - ‘’National Democratic Movement”

№13 - ‘’Jondi Baghaturia - Kartuli Dasi”

№14 - ‘’Party of Georgian Unity and Development”

№18 - ‘’Traditionalists”

№20 - ‘’Development Movement”

№23 - ‘’New Christian-Democrats”

№27 - Bloc ‘’Giorgi Vashadze - Unity New Georgia”

№29 - ‘’New Rights”

№31 - ‘’Tavisufleba – Zviad gamsakhurdias Gza”     

№34 - ‘’Patriot Order – Samshoblo”

№37 - ‘’Socialists-Georgia - Communists”

№38 - Bloc "Peoples Unanimity”

№39 - ‘’Progressive - Democratic Movement”

Election subjects, whose sequence numbers were determined according to the Election Code of Georgia (without participating in the casting lots):

№1 - "Movement State for People’’

№2 - Election Bloc “Bakradze, Ugulava - European Georgia"

№3 - Bloc ‘’Dimitri Lortkipanidze, Kakha Kukava - Democratic Movement Free Georgia”

№5 - Bloc” United National Movement”

№6 - "Republican Party”

№7 - P/U ‘’Tamaz Mechiauri for United Georgia" 

№8 - Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, Irma Inashvili - Alliance of Patriots of Georgia"

№10 - "Shalva Natelashvili - Labour Party of Georgia"

№12 - "Communist Party of Georgia - Stalinists”

№15 - ‘’Socialist Workers Party“

№17 - ‘’Sakartvelo”

№22 - ‘’Merab Kostava Sociecty”

№28 - ”Road of Zviadi - on the name of Lord”

№41 - ‘’Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia“

№42 - Initiative Group - Aleksandre Elisashvili - Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate.

Total: 8 Photo