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Working Meetings with DEC Chairpersons and Lawyers

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia organized working meetings between Chairpersons of District Election Commissions (DEC) and lawyers. Tamar Zhvania, the CEC Chairperson made opening remarks during the first meeting and talked about the importance of the 2017 Municipal Elections.

“Today's meeting refers to the legal issues which envisage submission of the application/complaint and reviewing of the procedures at the Election Administration. Even though, the DEC chairpersons have relevant experience, yet, all the elections are accompanied by its specificity and challenges upon which we should know how to act in legal terms, “– noted Tamar Zhvania.

Senior officials of the CEC Legal Department along with the DEC Chairpersons and lawyers discuss the following topics: electoral disputes related to E-day; a uniform practice of using disciplinary sanctions; use of administrative resources; recommendations on the process of the registering complaints.

Working meetings are held gradually for 73 DEC Chairpersons and lawyers and will be completed on September 18.

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