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Information for Ethnic Minorities 2017

Information for Ethnic Minority Voters

In order to support the equal election environment for ethnic minorities, a special working group is created at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia. The group unites the CEC members, representatives of the CEC structural units, international and local NGOs and representatives of various state agencies. The CEC Coordination, Planning and Reporting Department ensures the coordinated work of the group. The activities of the group are guided by the regulation approved by the CEC Chairperson.

According to the sub-paragraph Zparagraph 1, of the article 14 of the Election Code of Georgia, the CEC approves its annual action plan which envisages activities to be implemented for ethnic minority representatives.

345 election precincts are created in 12 District Election Commissions (DEC) densely populated with ethnic minorities for the October 21, 2017 Elections of Representative Body of Municipality – Sakrebulo and Mayor of Self-Governing City/Self-Governing Community, namely:

  • Georgian-Azerbaijani – 208 election precints;
  • Georgian-Armenian – 133 election precincts;
  • Georgian-Armenian-Azerbaijani– 4 election precincts.

Election precincts created in the regions densely populated with ethnic minorities


Services Available for Ethnic Minority Voter

During the E-day, for the Azerbaijani and Armenian voters in the regions densely populated with ethnic minorities the following documents will be available in Georgian-Armenian, Georgian–Azerbaijani and Georgian-Armenian-Azerbaijani languages:

  • Ballot papers;
  • Rules for marking the ballot papers;
  • Posters reflecting polling station premises and polling procedures;
  • Unified voters’ lists, table version, and version for publishing at the polling stations.


For the Precinct Election Commission members representing Armenian and Azerbaijani ethnic minorities the following documents are available (in Georgian-Armenian, Georgian –Azerbaijani languages):

  • Guidelines/instructions for the PEC members;
  • Memo/instruction for the PEC Chairperson;
  • Functions for the PEC members responsible for regulating a flow of voters;
  • Authority of the PEC Secretary during the E-day;
  • Functions of the voter's registrar PEC member;
  • Functions of the PEC members who is supervisor of ballot boxes and special envelopes;
  • Functions of the PEC member accompanying mobile ballot box;
  • Guideline for the PEC members for relation with Persons with Disabilities;
  • Educational/ Learning film “E-day Procedures” with subtitles.

In order to raise awareness of Armenian and Azerbaijani voters, the CEC ensures:

  • Translation of all informational video clips in Armenian and Azerbaijani languages. The mentioned video clips are aired by the public broadcaster and regional TV channels in Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli.
  • Publishing information in Armenian and Azerbaijani print media;
  • Availability of the data in the voters’ unified list for the Armenian and Azerbaijani voters living in the regions densely populated with ethnic minorities;
  • Delivering election related information via the CEC Informational Center in Armenian and Azerbaijani languages during the election period.
  • Conducting meetings on election procedures at the regions densely populated with ethnic minorities (Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli).