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May 13, 2018 Polling Process is Completed

All three election precincts have been closed at 08:00pm. The polling on E-day was conducted in calm election environment. During the whole day the voters were participating in elections using new electoral technologies and each of them had an opportunity to freely exercise their constitutional right.

The results of pilot project on vote counting process will be analyzed in terms of voters’ behavior and polling procedure and will be discussed with election stakeholders and society. The printed informational sheets on the electronic election results are already available at the election precincts and on the CEC official website. Please note that the mentioned does not represent the preliminary election results.

The vote counting procedures prescribed by the election legislation have been already launched. After completing the vote counting, the summary protocols will be uploaded on the CEC official webpage results.cec.gov.ge upon their receipt by the District Election Commission.

As for the information on the voter turnout, as of 08:00pm the voter turnout figures stand as 47, 43 % (1337 voters).