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The Training Project Electoral Administrator’s Courses Have Ended

On June 1, 2018, the Training Project Electoral Administrator’s Courses have ended. The CEC and the Training Center implemented the above-mentioned project at all municipalities throughout Georgia, from May 14, 2018.

Electoral Administrator’s Training Courses designed by the Training Center envisage focused training of citizens and are aimed at supporting the development of qualified human resources of the Election Administration.

As part of a three-day Training Program, participants became cognizant with polling day procedures and powers of PECs, as follows: procedures prior to polling; polling process, closing polling stations; procedures prior to opening a ballot box; opening a ballot box; procedures prior to drawing up voting results summary protocol; designing polling results summary protocol, publicity of summary protocol.

This year, 5,551 individuals took the training project, among them 4,470 female, 1,081 - male, they received relevant certificates. The CEC and the Training Center have been implementing the mentioned training project since 2015. 11, 791 participants have taken the Training Courses for Electoral Administrators to date.

Total: 4 Photo