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Certification of Election Administration Officials Has Launched

On June 11, certification of election administration officials has launched. Examination is being conducted via e-testing method. Duration of the exam is 1 hour. 30 tests will be selected automatically in random mode for each participant and minimum passing level is 24 points. In case of obtaining enough scores they will be awarded with the certificate of election administration officials.

Applicant should follow the date and time of the exam indicated in registration card and present ID card or the passport of the citizen of Georgia.

Certification is organized by the Centre for Electoral Systems Developments, Reforms and Trainings. 

916 applicants were registered for the certification of election administration officials (women – 638, men - 278). Examination will be finished on June 19.

"Public Advocacy", non-goverment organization was registered to observ the exams.

See the rule for administering the exam (Available in Georgian)

See the exam tests (Available in Georgian)

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