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The CEC Continues Voters' Awareness Campaign / The Election Administration has Launched Distributing Information Cards

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia continues voters’ and electoral stakeholders’ awareness campaign on ongoing electoral processes for 2018 Presidential Election. Since September 28, 3 637 Precinct Election Commissions (PEC) have launched distributing voter information cards. Every voter via this card will be able to receive information about elections and about his/her election precinct and if necessary verify his/her data in voter list.

Ana Mikeladze the CEC Spokesperson introduced the commission’s new initiative to journalists, which was offered to young voters by the EA, “deriving from the importance of youth engagement in electoral and public life, the EA has offered the new initiative to young voters. More than 45 000 young people will be able to participate in the upcoming October 28 election for the first time. They will receive along with voter cards, the letters from the CEC Chairperson, highlighting the importance of elections and their participation in it. With reference to voter information card, if voter fails to receive the card by October 8, he/she may contact the CEC Call Center or verify in advance his/her data through a variety of electronic services offered by the CEC. If voter finds out any error in his/her data, the voter may address the relevant PEC in written from and/or the Territorial Office of the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice until 18:00 October 10,” stated Ana Mikeladze to the media.

With regard to voters with revoked registration, voters with invalid registration and voters registered without indicating the address: the EA once again reminds such voters that for participation in 2018 presidential election, they may address the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice by October 7 and verify their data and if required go through relevant procedures – “ it is highly important that voters may verify  their and their families’ data via electronic services and at election precinct where public version of voter list is displayed. Voter lists are available in Georgian and in specific precincts in Azerbaijani and Armenian languages”, noted the CEC Spokesperson.

As of today, 3 503 113 voters are registered in the unified voter list. More than 700 000 voters used voters' data verification services offered by the CEC from 1 August until 1 October.

The CEC Call Center works every day, including weekends. The CEC Call Center’s number is 2 51 00 51. The online chat is also available. Interested persons may contact the EA and receive any election-related information.


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