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The Term for Presidential Candidates to Withdraw their Candidacies has Expired

Today, at 18:00, the term for presidential candidates to withdraw their candidacies has expired. The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia registered 25 presidential candidates, out of these 19 are nominated by political parties and six by initiative groups. None of the applications of the presidential candidates were submitted to the CEC before the expiration of the term to withdraw the candidacy envisaged by the law. Accordingly, all 25 registered candidates will be included in the ballot paper.

Today, at the News Briefing held on the CEC premises, Ana Mikeldaze the CEC Spokesperson along with the information noted above informed the media about the unified list of voters; as she told to journalists, the term to amend voter lists has been also expired. According to the legislation, it is prohibited to amend the lists of voters within the last 12 days prior to the Election Day.

“More than 900 000 voters used and verified the lists through October 10 by using the CEC offered service on verification of voter lists via electronic means; 988 voters addressed precinct and district election commissions in written form about the data in the list. Based on the final version of the voter list, precinct election commissions will hand out voter cards to voters by October 25 of the current year”, stated Ana Mikeladze.

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