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The CEC Defined Terms and Events for Holding Second Round Elections

The Central Election Commission of (CEC) Georgia held news briefing about the defined terms and events for conducting second round election of the President of Georgia. As the CEC spokesperson stated to journalists, in the second round election voters cast their vote according to the lists composed for October 28, 2018 election. The voters’ list will be amended in accordance with the data provided by State Services Development Agency and other relevant institutions on voters who attain 18 years by E-day of second round election, also according to the provided data on the deceased persons and according to the data on the persons who within the defined term register according to their living addresses or change their registration address.

During the second round election voters residing abroad also participate in election if they go through the registration at relevant diplomatic representation or at consular institutions before November 11. Voters also may implement the mentioned procedure through the consular website. Information about the voters being in consular registration will be provided to the CEC by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on November 12” - stated Ana Mikeladze.

According to the CEC Spokesperson the same district and precinct election commissions will conduct the second round election. Changes can be made in line with the legislation. Also authorized political parties may appoint/replace or withdraw precinct election commission members no later than 4th day before E-day.

Terms of office for the election subject proxies, participating in the second round election will be prolonged before the expiry terms of appeals of the second round election results. Registration deadlines will be prolonged for registered observer and media organizations. They are entitled to make amendments and add observers and media representatives no later than the 5th day before the E-day.

The mentioned norms have been enacted today. We call upon all electoral stakeholders to consider the deadlines and procedures necessary for conducting the second round of elections to be defined according to the CEC decision”- announced Ana Mikeladze.

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