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Polling Process is Over

A news briefing was held at the Central Election Commission of about the end of the polling process.  As Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Spokesperson stated, all election precincts were closed at 20:00 according to the election legislation.

“1 975 845 voters cast their votes, which amounts to 56.23 % of the total number of voters. The presented figure does not include the number of voters who participated in out-of-country polling. The highest voter turnout was observed in Keda - 72.72 %, and the lowest turnout figure in Tsalka - 43.12 %. Voter turnout in Tbilisi as of 20:00 amounts to 55.9%. Voter turnout during the first round of presidential election as of 20:00 was 46.74% (1 637 956 voters). The second round of the election was marked by high voter turnout. Mainly, the election process throughout the country was conducted in a peaceful environment and without major violations. Some kind of malpractices were observed, which were addressed by the Election Administration on spot“ – stated Ana Mikeladze. 

Today, the CEC Call Center operates uninterruptedly. During the day, 1 739 incoming calls and 522 online chat messages were received. Part of them referred to the verification of the personal data in voters’ list, addresses of polling stations and précising electoral procedures.

Vote counting procedures have been launched after closing the election precincts. After drawing up the election precinct summary protocols and completing all electoral procedure envisaged by the legislation, the protocols will be delivered to the relevant District Election Commission (DEC). DECs will upload the summary protocols in the Election Process Management System (EPMS) within the shortest possible time. Upon the receipt of PEC summary protocols, the CEC will gradually publish them at the special website www.results.cec.gov.ge.

“As you might be already aware, representatives of election subjects and observers who are present at the polling stations release information about the election results directly from the election precincts using various means. However, the Central Election Commission, as an administrative body is obliged to wait for the PEC official data and afterward we will share with society the counted preliminary election results based on the official summary protocols”- announced the CEC Spokesperson.

In order to support the transparency of the electoral processes, the CEC allows all interested persons to online observe the process of summarizing preliminary election results at the CEC using internet live streaming, which will be ensured through the 360 degree video camera and will be available at the CEC Facebook page, YouTube and official CEC website.

“In total, 261 complaints are submitted at all District Election Commissions. The complaints were submitted by local observer organizations and election subject representatives. Majority of the complaints submitted at the DECs request imposing disciplinary liability measures to commission members and annulment of voting results in several cases. The Election Administration will discuss all complaints in line with the rules and terms defined by the legislation. Currently, votes of two election precincts of Afghanistan are being counted. The results will be available at the CEC website upon drawing up the summary protocols.

Election Administration once again calls upon all electoral stakeholders to support the EA to ensure reflecting the will of voters in a peaceful election environment and conduct vote counting procedures without obstacles. The first summary protocols will be submitted to the CEC by 22:00 and it is anticipated that the CEC will announce first preliminary results by 02:00 am”- announced Ana Mikeladze.

Voter Turnout as of 20:00


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