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Preliminary Results of Presidential Election of Georgia According to 3 702 Electoral Precincts

Ana Mikeladze Spokesperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia presented preliminary results of the Presidential Election to the public according to 3 702 electoral precincts.

“As of now, data of almost all 3702 electoral precincts is counted and summary protocols are available on the CEC website. Vote counting procedures are underway in three polling stations in the United States of America at this moment ", stated Ana Mikeladze.

The preliminary results of the Second Round of Presidential Election of Georgia are as follows:


№5 Grigol Vashadze - 40.46%, (779 614 votes)

№48 Salome Zourabichvili - 59.54%, (1 147 106 votes)


With reference to preliminary results of elections abroad, including polling stations opened in Afghanistan, out of 57 electoral precincts, votes of 54 electoral precincts are counted, and the votes received are as follows:

№5 Grigol Vashadze - 64. 27 %,  (5 216 votes)

№48 Salome Zourabichvili - 35.73%, (2 900 votes)


“It is noteworthy that the second round is distinguished by high voter turnout. Vote counting process went in the polling stations according to the law. Proxies of electoral subjects and observers were able to freely to monitor the vote counting process. Following the drawing up summary protocols and completion of all official procedures at electoral precinct envisaged by the law, protocols were being passed to the District Election Commission (DECs). DECs were uploading summary protocols in earliest possible time into a special program.

By evening 22:00, publicizing of the protocols received by the CEC was already launched on the CEC webpage. The Election Administration (EA) upon completion of the polling process, in a few hours, namely before 24:00 introduced the public with preliminary results based on 1181 precincts. Precinct summary protocols were promptly loaded throughout the night on the CEC website and as protocols so updated preliminary results were available to any interested person”, CEC Spokesperson said.

Ana Mikeladze also informed the media on complaints submitted at DECs. According to Spokesperson, as of now, approximately 307 complaints are filed at DECs. “Majority of complaints filed at DECs were filed during the day at electoral precincts. Most of the complaints referred to procedural shortcomings and the main request were to impose disciplinary liabilities against commission members. However, at the DECs were also filed complaints with other requests. There are certain complaints concerning results at PEC. All complaints will be responded by election commissions accordingly, “Ms Mikeladze stated. 

At the end of the news briefing, the CEC Spokesperson thanked all electoral stakeholders, including domestic and international observer organizations, the media and the voters for their active involvement in the elections.


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