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Information on First Sessions of Precinct Election Commissions and Electing Process of Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson and Secretary

On September 19, 20 and 21 the first sessions of the Precinct Election Commissions (PEC) were conducted. Sessions were held at all 3,634 PECs.

According to the legislation, PEC members elected commission Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson and Secretary at the first sessions.

The first sessions of the Precinct Election Commissions were conducted in a peaceful and transparent environment. Representatives of 13 local and three international observer organizations observed the process of the first sessions at approximately 950 PECs (26% of election precincts) of 58 District Election Commissions (DEC). In addition, election subject proxies attended the sessions, and media outlets covered the session process at several election precincts.

None of the decisions and relevant ordinances on electing the PEC officials were appealed by the authorized persons. Only one session protocol was appealed (due to violating the rules of filling out the protocol and its content). As a result, a verbal warning was applied to the relevant PEC Chairperson and Secretary (N19 Krtsanisi PEC).

According to the election legislation, Precinct Elections Commission is composed of 13 members, out of which six are elected by the upper District Election Commission and seven members are appointed by the authorized political parties. Hereby, rights and conditions of electing persons as commission officials from the PEC composition equally apply to any member, despite the case when the commission officials represent the same election subject. 

No less than two members of the commission have the right to nominate the candidates for Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson and the Secretary by a majority of the total number of the Precinct Election Commission members.

On the basis of the contest, the District Election Commissions elected 3,410 persons (94%) as the commission Chairpersons, 3,123 (86%) as Deputy Chairpersons and 3,235 (89 %) as Secretaries from the elected Precinct Election Commission members.  


As for the PEC members appointed by the authorized political parties, the statistics of elected persons as Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson/ Secretary is the following:

Political Party, which appointed PEC members


Deputy Chairperson


“Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia”

198 (5.44 %)

409 (11.2%)

251 (6.9%)

“Industry Saves Georgia”

23 (0.6%)

66 (1.8%)

100 (2.7%)

“United Democratic Movement”

2 (0.05%)

8 (0.22%)

12 (0.3%)

“United National Movement ”

1 (0.02%)

7 (0.19%)

8 (0.22)

"Alliance of Patriots of Georgia”


8 (0.22%)

12 (0.3%)

"Georgian Christian-Conservative Party”


8 (0.22%)

6 (0.16%)

“European Georgia”


5 (0.13%)

10 (0.27%)


Out of 47 147 members of 3, 634 Precinct Election Commissions, women members amount to 33, 659 (71.4%) and men to 13, 488 (28. 6%). Gender breakdown of the results of electing PEC officials is the following:


Women 2273 (62.55%)

Men 1361 (37.45%)

Deputy Chairperson

Women 2301 (63.32%)

Men 1333 (36.68%)


Women 3346 (92.07%)

Men 288 (7.93%)


On September 19, sessions were conducted at 69 PECs; on September 20, sessions were held at 2,367 PECs and on September 21 at 1,198 PECs.