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CEC Statement on Information Disseminated in Media

Central Election Commission (CEC) Call Center receives incoming calls, as well as statement of observer organization was made referring to the fact, that representatives of various election subjects and observers at election precincts verify participant voters’ data with a registrar, namely, they copying out/attesting voter’s data, specifically, their registration number in the list.

Herewith, the CEC once again states that observers and election subjects representatives who enjoy the same rights, may move without restrictions within the election precinct territory and observe all stages of the polling process from any point in the precinct in a free and unhindered manner.

Voter’s name and surname in the voter list, as well as registration number, represent public information and not personal data. Accordingly, persons authorized to observe elections are permitted to verify public information of voters at any stage of the polling process.

Moreover, Election Administration is obliged not to restrict realization of rights granted by law to persons authorized to observe elections.

Nevertheless, we call upon observers and election subjects representatives present at election precincts, to carry out their duties without impeding election process and activities of the election commission and do not go beyond the authority granted by the law.