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Competition Announced at Precinct Election Commissions

A news briefing on the contest of electing the Precinct Election Commission (PEC) members for the upcoming Presidential Election was conducted at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia.

According to Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Spokesperson, on August 29 for the purpose of composing the PECs, a contest was called to select the members for 3 637 election precincts at 73 District Election Commissions (DEC). In total, a competition was announced for the 21 822 vacant positions.

The process of electing PEC members is open for the authorized persons and representatives of registered parties, observers and accredited media outlets may attend the relevant sessions. Herewith, a photo-video shooting of the session is allowed for the authorized persons without their interference in the session’s process and hindering the work of the commission. The latter ensures more publicity of the process.

“According to the legislation and the competition rule, six PEC members are elected by 12 members of the relevant, upper DEC by a majority vote of the total number of members through roll-call voting, but no less than seven votes. PECs launch their activities a month ahead to elections, including weekends and holidays.

Georgian election legislation defines the specific requirements and rules during the process of electing PEC members. Based on the competition’s rule, Georgian citizen at the age of 18, who meets the legislative requirements may apply to the relevant DEC from August 29 to September 6. They should send the application and the copy of the identity card at the DEC e-mail or bring them in person at DEC”, stated Ana Mikeladze.

Detailed information about the announcement and terms of the competition, as well as the application form,  are available at each DEC; information on the competition and the online recommendation form of the competition application will be placed at the CEC official website.

“CEC calls upon the persons having important electoral experience and/or have undergone the electoral education programs to participate in the competition to support ensuring successful and professional elections. The Commission calls on electoral stakeholders including media, local and international observers, political parties to observe the process of electing PEC members, which will support the conduct of high level, transparent and credible elections. The CEC also addresses the media outlets to support dissemination of the mentioned information to the society”, stated CEC Spokesperson at the end of the briefing.