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25 Presidential Candidates are Registered for October 28, 2018 Elections

The registration process of presidential candidates for October 28, 2018 elections has completed at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia.

As of now, 25 candidates participate in Elections of President of Georgia. Out of 25, 19 are nominated by political parties and six by initiative groups.

Ana Mikeladze the CEC Spokesperson stated at the news-briefing held at the CEC today, that according to the legislation, the registered presidential candidate no later than the 12th day (by October 16) before the E-day may address the CEC in written form and withdraw his/her candidacy. After the term expires, all presidential candidates will be included in the ballot paper.

46 applications were submitted in the name of the CEC Chairperson requesting registration of presidential candidates, including 20 applications from political parties and 26 applications from initiative groups.

21 persons willing to contest the elections were rejected to register as candidates due to a variety of legal grounds; out of 21, one initiative group did not correct error in electoral documentation and one political party was rejected to participate in the election and nominate the candidate because the party was not registered by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. With regard to 19 initiative groups – they did not submit the list of supporters within the prescribed period and according to the legislation were rejected to be registered.

It is noteworthy that none of the ordinances about rejecting the electoral registration of presidential candidates were appealed by authorized persons in terms prescribed by the law.


October 28, 2018 Presidential Election of Georgia Registered Presidential Candidates



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