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From Today Onward, the First Sessions of the Precinct Election Commissions Will Be Held

From today onward, the first sessions of the precinct election commissions (PECs) will be held. The first sessions will be conducted in all 3 657 polling stations.

As Ana Mikeladze the Spokesperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC), stated at the news briefing held today, the authority of PEC members to perform the functions defined by the legislation begins after the first sessions. The PEC members will elect the commission chairperson, its deputy, and the secretary.

Representatives of electoral subjects registered at relevant electoral precinct have a right to attend the PEC session, according to Ana Mikeladze. It is noteworthy that based on legislation, the mentioned right does not apply to representatives of electoral subjects appointed at the CEC and district election commissions (DECs). Also, registered observer and accredited media organizations have a right to attend the PEC sessions.

All PEC sessions are being held fully consistent with pandemic rules, according to the CEC Spokesperson. An authorized person is allowed in PEC according to the epidemiological rules established by the CEC, including using a face mask after hand disinfection and thermal screening.

PEC sessions are open to all authorized persons. Therefore, the CEC calls on electoral stakeholders actively observe the first sessions of PECs supporting transparency and credibility of the process.