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The CEC’s Statement Regarding Incident Occurred at Marneuli District Election Commission

We would like to express our position regarding the event that happened at Marneuli district election commission (DEC) and to condemn those acts of violence and attempts to pressure the DEC that we all witnessed through video footage shared in media. 

We have the fact of beating a person employed under a labor contract at Marneuli DEC, who asked people there to explain why they were filming him without permission; in response, he was beaten; additionally, there are facts of attempts by unauthorized individuals to break into DEC. 

It is noteworthy that such forms of communication which we witnessed are unacceptable for the Election Administration (EA). The Administration acts in line with the law and within its powers and electoral subjects have an opportunity to solve any issue by applying to relevant legal forms. 

Deriving from the aforementioned, the EA appeals to observers and international organizations to attentively observe the actions of certain electoral stakeholders that contains the deliberate discrediting of the EA and harming the entire electoral process, as well as to create a tense pre-election atmosphere. 

Additionally, aiming to prevent similar facts in the future, it is important, that relevant agencies carry out a timely investigation to identify possible signs of crime in the described action and have a relevant response.

Furthermore, it is worth underlining that the accusations towards the DEC, as if PEC members appointed by “United National Movement" (UNM) were not informed about holding the first sessions are baseless and reproduction of lies, as every member was well-informed via contacts (telephone numbers) indicated by them, some of whom did not appear at the session and some of whom could not be reached due to indicating irrelevant telephone number. Additionally, 26 members appointed by the UNM participated in the relevant sessions of PECs where a certain number of them led the sessions as senior members. It is noteworthy, that the act of DEC’s Chairperson, upon summoning the first sessions was publicly posted at DEC’s in a visible place.