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Third Stage Trainings for PECs Members for October 31, 2020 Elections

In accordance with the PECs Members Training Concept developed by the Training Centre, for October 31, 2020 Parliamentary Elections/Sakrebulo By-elections/Extraordinary Mayoral Elections of Georgia, the third stage trainings are held through the period of October 13 - 21, 2020

This stage envisages, training of the full composition of the PECs through the profile programme, within which the participants will be introduced to the following main issues:

  • opening election precinct and casting lots to distribute functions among PEC members;
  • implementation of PEC members’ activities to ensure the realisation of voters’ right to participate in the polling process;
  • protection of the voters’ personal data during the polling process;
  • powers of persons authorised to be present at polling place;
  • PEC members’ activities during the process of closing election precinct and vote-counting procedures;
  • summarizing polling results at PECs;
  • measures to be implemented on Election Day in polling place to uphold sanitary – hygienic requirements aimed to prevent the spread of the infection (COVID-19) brought by novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

In order to enhance the procedural knowledge and practical skills of election commission members, the training program will be conducted using practical methodology of trainings.

For detailed schedule of third stage trainings please follow the link (available in Georgian). Information about any changes in the schedule will be updated immediately.

Second stage training for PECs members was conducted through the period of October 7 to October 12, which was envisaged for training of PECs head officers.