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CEC Discussed the Electoral Participation of Voters Being in Medical Facilities and in Isolation with Political Parties and Observer Organizations

Today, the Central Election Commission (CEC) hosted the special group meeting at its premises. Meeting participants discussed the participation of voters being in medical facilities and in isolation in the upcoming October 31, 2020, elections. 

As Tamar Zhvania, the CEC Chairperson noted at the opening of the meeting, considering the health safety priorities at the one hand and ensuring constitutional right of voter to participate in elections, on the other hand, carries crucial importance for the voters being in medical facilities, in quarantine spaces, or in self-isolation. 

Today, meeting participants discussed the draft decree in detail, according to which the appropriateness of holding elections, creating polling stations and special groups, defining sanitary-hygienic requirements, and determining certain electoral activities and terms for ensuring the participation and realization of universal voting rights of voters placed in medical facilities and in isolation (quarantine, self-isolation) on 31 October 2020 elections will be defined. 

The special group created at the initiative of the CEC was summoned for the second time to discuss the mentioned issue. Participants of the meeting agreed to include opinions expressed during the meeting in the document and then send it to members of the working group once again.

Representatives of the Election Administration, political parties, the civil sector, and international organizations are involved in the special working group. It should be mentioned, that the special working group based on the consultations with the electoral stakeholders has elaborated and approved the E-day epidemiological protocol by its decree. 


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