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The CEC Received Updated Voter Data

Today, The Central Election Commission (CEC) received updated voter data. Zurab Sanikidze, Chairman of the Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) of the Ministry of Justice and Khatuna Svanidze, Manager of a project “Improving Voters’ Lists” handed over a database of potential voters as of October 15th to Tamar Zhvania, Chairperson of the CEC and Ana Mikeladze, Spokesperson of the CEC at the meeting held at CEC.

“Today, the PSDA handed over the data of 3 558 291 individuals of suffrage age to the CEC.  The data will be processed in CEC and the final number of voters will be available in the nearest future. Very important communication and coordination between these two entities were made so the list is as sophisticated as possible. We can proudly say that all voters with suffrage will be on the list and no one’s rights will be restricted in the elections. It is noteworthy that the CEC has offered many services, including electronic services, to our citizens to improve voter lists; Around a million times were used services for verification of data through the website, mobile application, or quick payment machines. Precisely these services which we offer to our citizens over the years have earned their trust towards the voter lists”, stated Tamar Zhvania at the end of the meeting.  

“Today, PSDA based on the electronic database of the Agency handed over the list of potential voters to the CEC. It is noteworthy that since 2014 the list of potential voters is fully biometric, photo-based which once again reaffirms the key principle – one voter - one vote. Therefore, we can proudly say that this list of potential voters is the most precise, sound, and transparent”, noted Zurab Sanikidze.  

After processing the data, the public version of updated lists of voters will be available for political parties with electoral registration, initiative groups, observer organizations prescribed by the legislation, and voters. 

PSDA provides the data required for the formation of the voter list to the CEC four times a year according to the “Election Code of Georgia” and during the election period, hands it over as required.


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