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The Election Administration Offers Relevant Service to All Groups of Voters Placed in Medical Facilities and Isolation

The Election Administration (EA) offers relevant service to all groups of voters placed in medical facilities and in isolation to ensure their participation in 31 October elections and realization of their universal voting rights. 

The special group established at the initiative of the CEC composed of representatives of the EA, political parties, civil sector, and international organizations held meetings concerning the mentioned topic and discussed the recommendations, consideration of which will enable the individuals in question to participate in elections by observing preventive measures against the spread of the virus and maximally following sanitary-hygienic rules. 

The CEC in consultation with working group members developed the document which is already sent out to group members to share with them additional opinions. The CEC will make decision concerning the document in the nearest session. Additionally, the EA thanks working group members for their constructive work and close cooperation. 

The EA offers voters placed in medical facilities and in isolation to participate in the elections through the services of special groups with the functions of an election commission. Namely, the CEC will establish at least one polling station within the boundaries of district election commissions (DECs) in municipalities and staff special groups. 

Representatives of a special group will deliver mobile ballot boxes to voters placed in medical institutions and quarantine. Additionally, voters in self-isolation whose data is officially recorded in a database of the relevant entity may address the EA for voting by the mobile ballot box. 

It is noteworthy that the election administration's offer to open separate polling stations for voters placed in medical institutions and isolation and to provide them with voting by mobile ballot box through special groups ensures maximum health safety.

Each member of the special group together with all participants of the electoral process will be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, disposable coats, face masks, hand gloves, face shields, and sanitary-hygienic means. Epidemiological recommendations will be fully followed which will support preventing the spread of the virus. 

Special polling stations and its members will not deal with regular polling stations and its process which will provide more security, protection of the process, and additionally, the opportunity for involved parties to participate. 

It should be noted that vote counting will be carried out not in quarantine spaces or medical institutions but separately in specially established polling stations which will support the transparency of the process.  

Certainly, according to the legislation, observers, representatives of media and electoral subjects will have the opportunity to accompany the mobile ballot box, observe the voting day, and the vote-counting process by observing the relevant rules.

It is noteworthy that the EA will ensure timely delivery of information to voters placed in medical institutions and in isolation as well as electoral stakeholders, which will facilitate the realization of the constitutional right of all participants of the process.