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The CEC Calls on Self-Isolated Voters to Be Active and Request the Mobile Ballot Box Service

The Central Election Commission (CEC) once again calls on self-isolated voters to be active and call the CEC Call-Information Center and request the mobile ballot box service. 

Please call the following telephone number 2-51-00-51 (0) today on October 27th before 14:00 and request the mobile ballot box. The calls are being received even these minutes. 

We would like to remind you of the decision adopted by the CEC at the October 26 meeting concerning the extension of the deadline for self-isolated voters to request the mobile ballot box. Based on the decision, the mentioned category of citizens will be able to indicate their requests until 14:00 of October 27th. Only self-isolated voters whose data is officially recorded in a database of the relevant agency will be able to use the mobile ballot box.

Additionally, at the same meeting was decided to extend the registration deadline for electoral subjects, local and international observer organizations, and the media outlets until 18:00 of October 27 for their engagement in the electoral process at special polling stations. 

The Election Administration appeals to self-isolated voters as well as electoral stakeholders to contact us timely and go through the relevant procedures.