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Statement Regarding Attempt on Discrediting the Election Administration and Harming Electoral Environment

Over the last few days, the repeated pattern of discrediting the Election Administration (EA) and harming the electoral environment was observed. In particular, by disseminating unspecified and incorrect information and pressuring the EA, some politically driven parties are trying to impede the work of the administration and discredit it.

We would like to inform you that we find it very important for our administration that every citizen of Georgia and all electoral stakeholders may exercise their constitutional right in a safe electoral environment to their health.

To realize the aforementioned right, the Central Election Commission (CEC) in close cooperation with electoral stakeholders, developed and adopted by decree certain electoral procedures and sanitary hygiene requirements to be followed by voters in medical institutions and isolation to ensure their participation in all types of elections. The process of drafting the decree was transparent, with the participation of political parties and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and only three NGOs commented on the decision to be made, most of which were reflected in the final decision.

According to the decree, self-isolated individuals were given the possibility to use a mobile ballot box if they were on the lists provided by the relevant agency, and simultaneously they would be in self-isolation by polling day. It is noteworthy that by the decision of the CEC, the deadline for self-isolated individuals to request the mobile ballot box was extended until 14:00 of October 27th, and due to the active appeal of citizens, CEC Call-Information Center received calls until 18:00. All media means were used and the CEC provided maximum information to voters, despite tireless work of the CEC, the pressure against the EA concerning this matter has not ceased and it has repeated pattern of disruption.

It should be noted, that precisely when three days are left until Election Day and election commissions are involved in organizing and administering the elections 24 hours a day and we have to coordinate many logistical or other processes, including pandemic-related, it can be said that activities planned by subjects with such a specific agenda is attempt to pressure the EA, discredit it and disrupt its work.

Based on the abovementioned, we call on all electoral stakeholders, local and international observer organizations, the media, all involved parties who conduct their activities impartially, following professional standards and ethical norms, to actively observe ongoing electoral processes which will support the transparency of the process and credibility and prevent disseminating inaccurate information damaging the election process to the public.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the CEC offered a working meeting with representatives of the youth organization of one of the political parties - participants of the rally taking place now in front of the CEC, but they refused to meet.