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The CEC Chairperson Provided President of Georgia of Georgia with Information on Preparations for 31 October Elections

The Administration of President of Georgia received comprehensive information on current issues and electoral activities related to the 31 October 2020 parliamentary elections of Georgia from Tamar Zhvania, the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC). Tamar Zhvania briefed the Administration of President on administering the elections, as well. 

President showed interest in specific mechanisms that will be used on Election Day to maximally protect the health and safety of voters. 

Tamar Zhvania detailed the administration on procedures of how self-isolated voters will participate in the elections. The President of Georgia stressed the importance of protecting the constitutional right of individuals to participate in elections.

The CEC Chairperson also delivered information about protocols adopted in cooperation with electoral stakeholders upon which self-isolated voters will be able to realize their constitutional right and vote in 31 October elections. Tamar Zhvania noted that to best inform self-isolated voters, the Election Administration (EA) ran an active informative campaign.

The CEC Chairperson also explained in detail the decrees adopted regarding the safe conduct of elections amid pandemic. Chairperson noted that based on decrees adopted in consultation with involved parties, the epidemiological protocol for E-day, as well as regulations necessary for the participation of voters placed in medical institutions and isolation (quarantine, self-isolation) were defined, which ensures a safe electoral environment for the health of all. It will be safe to go to elections if the aforementioned regulations are followed.

It is noteworthy that communication between the Administration of the President and the CEC Chairperson regarding the election process took place several times.