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October 28, Meeting Results

At the 28 October meeting, the Central Election Commission (CEC) discussed the complaint dated 27 October 2020 of Irma Ciskarishvili, an observer from “Education Labor Union”. The complaint referred to the cancelation of 96/2020 and №97/2020 decisions of Chair of №9 Nadzaladevi District Election Commission (DEC) dated 25 October 2020 and imposing disciplinary liability measures against chairs of №07.09.23 and №07.09.42 Precinct Election Commissions (PECs). The Commission did not uphold the complaint of Irma Ciskarishvili for being baseless. 

The ordinance was adopted at the meeting concerning termination of the authority to some members of some special groups established to ensure electoral participation of the voters in medical facilities and isolation (quarantine and self-isolation) in the 31 October 2020 elections and their universal suffrage.

By the CEC ordinance, the authority was also terminated to some members of special groups of some polling stations established for 31 October 2020 elections. 

Today, the amendment was made to the CEC №183/2020 ordinance dated 28 September 2020 on “Establishing polling stations abroad for 31 October 2020 parliamentary elections of Georgia”. 

The amendment was made to the ordinance on “Electing representatives of the Central Election Commission of Georgia and defining their powers for 31 October 2020 parliamentary elections of Georgia” (the CEC №348/2020 ordinance dated 27 October 2020). 

At the same meeting, the Commission approved the special voters’ lists for polling stations set up by the CEC to ensure the participation of voters placed in medical institutions and isolation (quarantine, self-isolation) in 31 October 2020 elections and realize their universal suffrage.