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The CEC Approved Special Lists of Voters in Isolation

The Central Election Commission (CEC) approved special lists of voters in isolation. 10 845 voters placed in medical institutions and isolation (quarantine, self-isolation) will cast their votes by mobile ballot box in the 31 October elections. According to a special voter list approved by the CEC ordinance, the number of self-isolated voters totals 3 695, and the number of voters in medical institutions and quarantine spaces (including medical personnel) totals 7 150. 

As for the number of special group members who will serve voters in isolation, as well as representatives of electoral subjects, observer organizations, and the media, who will observe the process and take part in polling, totals 1917.

It is noteworthy that on October 30, self-isolated voters will receive SMS concerning their participation in October 31 elections by the mobile ballot box.

127 special polling stations established to ensure the participation of voters placed in medical institutions and isolation in elections will serve voters with 311 mobile ballot boxes. 

9 940 citizens called the CEC Call-Information Center requesting the mobile ballot box and saying they were in self-isolation. 

The self-isolated individuals whose requests met the criteria of the mobile ballot box service were allocated according to the special precincts and addresses. Voter special lists were approved by the CEC ordinance and ballot papers will be printed based on the number of aforementioned voters. Then ballot papers will be distributed to all special polling stations throughout Georgia before E-day. 

It is worth underlining that self-isolated voters could call Call-Information Center and request the mobile ballot box from October 24th to October 28 until 18:00. Since October 24 the CEC Call-Information Center operated at its full capacity, and 25 operators recorded the requests of citizens. 

Additionally, Election Administration (EA) ran an active informative campaign to maximally inform voters through social networks and media outlets. Moreover, the CEC sent out SMS to 14 431 voters registered in a database of the relevant agency who have indicated their contact information and called on them to request the mobile ballot box; while citizens in medical institutions and quarantine were given information flayers about their participation in elections.