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Information on Discussing the Complaints at District Election Commissions

As it is known to the public, right now, District Election Commissions’ (DECs) sessions are in process, where application/complaints are being discussed. In some DECs, the discussion processes have already been completed.

According to the current data, Saburtalo DEC recounted ballot papers of one election precinct, and based on recounting, the election results of the mentioned election precinct remained unchanged.

Based on recounting, election results of one election precinct at each of Bolnisi, Khashuri, and Khulo election districts remained unchanged, as well. According to complaints submitted by the ISFED and GYLA, Ozurgeti DEC recounted annulled ballot papers at one of the election precincts. After recounting the annulled ballot papers, there was no need to correct the election results.

As for Vake, Mtatsminda, Isani, Samgori, Nadzaladevi, Gori, and Gldani DECs, reviewing the election disputes there is complete.

It is worth noting, that discussing the electoral disputes at the district election commissions will last till November 5th, and the Election Administration will update the society on the results of each election district.

The decision of the DEC may be appealed at the City Court, and the Court discusses the complaint within two days.