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Information on Ongoing Electoral Processes

Around 1941 complaints were submitted to District Election Commissions (DECs) on polling day and in the following days. Of these, 1272 complaints were submitted by electoral subjects and 564 by observer organizations. 

Complaints on Election Day mainly referred to procedural issues, post-election day complaints referred to results of Precinct Election Commissions (PECs), and lawfulness of summary protocols of election results. 

Most of the complaints were submitted to DECs in violation of procedures, after examining prompting to reject on merit 901 complaints due to legal inconsistency submitted by electoral subjects and 126 complaints by observer organizations. 

For instance, oftentimes the non-authorized person on behalf of a political party requested to submit a complaint to annul PEC summary protocol and PEC results. There were cases when complaints with such requests were submitted by observers of observer organizations whereas they lacked the authority to submit complaints on behalf of observer organizations.  

It is noteworthy that submission of complaints’ procedures in 2020 elections have not changed and are identical to procedures of past years. 

We would like once again to note about summary protocols, that out of all summary protocols of elections, different opinion was recorded only in 4 cases, with a few exceptions, the summary protocols were signed by all members of the commission present at the polling station on polling day.

In addition, we would like to mention that DECs having dismissed complaints to annul PEC summary protocols and PEC results due to violation of submission of complaints’ procedure, in their justification indicated the correctness of the protocols and data, so no question was raised concerning the data accuracy. 

As for information on vote recount – as of today, DECs recounted election results of 39 polling stations, of these at their initiative in 6 cases, based on application/complaints in 14 cases, and according to a court decision in 19 cases. In total, the recount process involved up to 24,500 voters and an appropriate number of votes.

It is worth noting that in most cases the election results remained intact and in certain cases were specified and changed according to DECs’ decision. 

We would like to remind you that cases are being heard in the appellate courts and the public will be provided with updated information once information is available.